Meet the Dove Grey Designer: Sarah

Sarah Heaton first joined Burleigh as Design Consultant in 2012, after spending twenty years at Denby Pottery developing shape, glaze and pattern. On leaving her role as Design Manager at Denby, Sarah combined a role as creative consultant to Burleigh whilst launching her own line of ceramics. Most recently, Sarah took up the position of Senior Design Manager at Burleigh.

Sarah studied MA Ceramic Design at Staffordshire University and has always had a deep passion for ceramics. Either working at Burleigh, throwing pots in her home studio or discovering new designs at galleries and shows, Sarah’s interest in pottery design shows no signs of waning.

The inspiration for Dove Grey came from Sarah’s admiration of the traditional techniques utilised to make Burleigh ware and appreciation of modern, muted patterns and shades. Recognised for our iconic blue and white pottery, Sarah wanted to create a new range that encapsulated Burleigh in a fresh and contemporary way. The final colour is beautiful and subtle, making it the ideal collection to naturally fit within any home.

Sarah says, “Simplicity and a more relaxed approach to what we eat and the way in which we eat informed the making of Dove Grey. For example, using the large sugar bowl as a perfect bowl for your smashed avocado and chilli flakes!”. From a traditional Cup and Saucer to newer shapes including a Pasta Bowl and Espresso Cup, Dove Grey represents Burleigh’s historic influence combined with modern-day style and design.

The beauty of Dove Grey lies in its delicate design and ability to mix and match – Sarah commented, “Buying into large formal dining sets for some people is a daunting prospect so Dove Grey offers essential shapes that can be mixed, matched and layered whilst being multi-functional”. Dove Grey can be easily displayed with contrastive colours such as Blue Felicity and Red Calico for a unique look. The pieces are versatile and designed to look beautiful in use and on display. When working on Dove Grey, Sarah also acknowledged the rise in open-plan living and the demand for stylish tableware that can be showcased in any room, not singularly the kitchen.

“I am very pleased with Dove Grey as we seem to have captured the mood of the moment and a whole new generation are discovering Burleigh through Dove Grey for the first time” says Sarah. Discover the full Dove Grey range here.

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