Plum Asiatic Pheasants

A contemporary twist on our quintessential Blue Asiatic Pheasants pattern, the Plum Asiatic Pheasants collection here at Burleigh radiates elegance and luxury. From everyday dining to special occasions, you can be sure that the chic motifs of these floral dinner plates, cereal bowls, teacups, teapots and more will complement every dish.

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Breakfast Cup - Plum Asiatic Pheasants Breakfast Cup 425ml/0.75pt
Plum Asiatic Pheasants Breakfast Cup And Saucer
Plum Asiatic Pheasants Breakfast Cup Gift Set
Breakfast Saucer - Plum Asiatic Pheasants Breakfast Saucer
Cereal Bowl - Plum Asiatic Pheasants Cereal Bowl 16cm/6.25"
Cow Creamer - Plum Asiatic Pheasants Cow Creamer 150ml/0.25pt Gift Boxed
Teapot - Plum Asiatic Pheasants Large Teapot 7 Cups 800ml/1.5pt
Chinese Bowl - Plum Asiatic Pheasants Medium Footed Bowl 20.5cm/8"
Tankard Jug - Plum Asiatic Pheasants Medium Tankard Jug 568ml/1pt
Sugar Bowl - Plum Asiatic Pheasants Mini Footed Bowl 12cm/5"
Teapot Tray - Plum Asiatic Pheasants Mini Teapot Tray
Mug - Plum Asiatic Pheasants Mug 284ml/0.5pt

23 results

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Each piece in our Plum Asiatic Pheasants collection has been handmade by our expert team at Middleport Pottery, England. Using time-honoured techniques, most of the fine earthenware in this range has been lovingly adorned with a delicate floral print using our tissue transfer decoration. This ensures that each item is imbued with the skill and character of the decorator. We've used the same process for over 150 years, and it's allowed us to create our unique, timeless, and intricate designs on all of our pottery collections.

Once decorated, each Plum Asiatic Pheasants piece is given a final glazing and firing, which not only gives each piece its pleasing shine, but also ensures that it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

The Burleigh Plum Asiatic Pheasants collection features everything you need to adorn your table. From everyday ceramics to more occasional pieces, this timeless pattern is one to be treasured for generations to come.

If you love this pattern but you're looking for a different colour, you might be interested in our Dove Grey and Pink Asiatic Pheasants ranges. Both will add a beautiful, delicate touch to your dinner table, so browse the selection today and order online with UK or international delivery.

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