Ink Blue Pollen

Introducing the first new Burleigh design in a generation. Pollen is an unequivocally industrious and productive pattern. The geometric honeycomb backdrop is interspersed with bees, the great symbol of industry. Each bee is placed according to the whim of the decorator, emphasising the hand decoration method and imbuing each piece with energy and personality.

Pollen is a ‘hybrid’ pattern design, the first of its kind. An asymmetric design has never been developed before and this forms part of Collection One, alongside Hibiscus and Palisade.
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Ink Blue Pollen Espresso Cup and Saucer
Ink Blue Pollen Coffee Can
Ink Blue Pollen Espresso Saucer
Ink Blue Pollen Coffee Saucer
Ink Blue Pollen Espresso Cup

17 results

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