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Browse the Burleigh Pottery sale to find your favourite pieces at reduced prices. All of our seconds pieces are handmade using our usual crafting methods, but with minor printing blemishes, so you can get our famous quality and style for less.

14 results
Open Veg Dish - Blue Regal Peacock Open Veg Dish Seconds
Sugar Bowl - Blue Regal Peacock Sugar Bowl 12cm/4.75" Seconds
Half Pint Mug - Blue Regal Peacock Half Pint Mug 284ml/0.5pt Seconds
Pasta Bowl - Blue Regal Peacock Pasta Bowl 23cm/9" Seconds
Cream Jug - Blue Regal Peacock Cream Jug 284ml/0.5pt Seconds
Breakfast Saucer - Blue Regal Peacock Breakfast Saucer Seconds
Breakfast Cup - Blue Regal Peacock Breakfast Cup 425ml / 0.75pt Seconds
Cereal Bowl - Blue Regal Peacock Cereal Bowl 16cm/6.25" Seconds
Teacup - Blue Regal Peacock Teacup 187ml/0.33pt Seconds
Tea Saucer - Blue Regal Peacock Tea Saucer Seconds
Pudding/Soup Bowl - Blue Regal Peacock Pudding / Soup Bowl 20.5cm/8" Seconds
Plate - Blue Regal Peacock Plate 25cm/10" Seconds

14 results

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Sometimes, small imperfections can happen as part of our manufacturing process. During the kiln firing of the piece, slight variations in glaze colours, or imperfections such as spots or uneven colour, can occur. While these are only slight cosmetic blemishes, they do not fit within the exacting standards we have for our best-quality products, and so are designated to the outlet as Burleigh Pottery seconds.

This outlet often features products from some of our most iconic Burleigh collections. But, as seconds are an unintended result of the manufacturing process, there's no telling just what we'll get in stock. If you see something you like, perhaps one of our beautiful Burleigh mugs, dinner plates, or pasta bowls, we would recommend that you buy while you can, as stocks are limited. Otherwise, keep checking back to see what beautiful pieces we have available or invest in our best-quality tableware.

All of the pieces in our Burleigh Pottery outlet are just as special and timeless as the rest of our pieces, so browse the range today and order online with UK or international delivery.

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