Tea Sets

An elegant tea set never fails to charm guests, and Burleigh’s beautiful selection promises to do just that. Complete with two teacups and saucers, a teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl, you’ll have everything required for a sophisticated afternoon tea party. Save 10% off RRP.


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Blue Asiatic Pheasant Tea Set
£112.99 £125.00
Dove Grey Tea Set
£109.99 £122.00
Blue Calico Tea Set
£114.99 £127.00
Blue Regal Peacock Tea Set
£131.99 £146.00
Blue Arden Tea Set
£114.99 £127.00
Blue Felicity Tea Set
£114.99 £127.00
Plum Asiatic Pheasant Tea Set
£114.99 £127.00
Pink Asiatic Pheasant Tea Set
£114.99 £127.00
Red Calico Tea Set
£114.99 £127.00
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