Have a Magical Christmas with Burleigh this Year

Make Christmas magical this year, with Burleigh Pottery. Handcrafted in the heart of Stoke-on-Trent with British clay and oozing with provenance, our products are designed to elevate the festivities and imbue your home with the magic of Christmas.
Twinkling lights bound around bannisters, the enveloping warmth of the hearth after a brisk, wintry walk, and a dining table laden with festive delights are just some of the joys of Christmas ripe for anticipation this year.
More than ever, we’re ready to celebrate the quiet charms of the festive season. Join us and imbue your home with a taste of tradition, elevating each of the 12 days of Christmas and beyond with our new Green Regal Peacock dinnerware and hand crafted decorations.
Browse our range of festive gifts, dinnerware and decorations.

Are you in need more inspiration? Explore our gifting ideas and add charm to your celebrations this Christmas, read our gift guide here.

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