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Blue Regal Peacock 170th Anniversary Footed Mug 300ml

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Adorned in Burleigh’s Blue Regal Peacock pattern, this celebratory mug has a twist.

We have always embraced the individual nature of our ware, and applauded the unique way our colours develop under their coat of transparent glaze. The technique we have used to decorate these pieces is intended to reflect ‘flow blue’ pieces that were popular in the 19th century when Burgess & Leigh was founded. This style allows for, and encourages the pattern beneath the glaze to ‘flow’ beneath the tinted glaze, whilst remaining crisp and defined under the clear glaze.

This contrast of organic movement in the pattern under the tinted glaze combined with the crisp detail Burleigh is known for, means that these pieces are highly unusual in contemporary ceramics and the rarity of these being limited to our 170th year should make them a prized piece in any collection.

  • Handmade in Middleport Pottery, England
  • Uniquely decorated with Burleigh’s centuries-old technique of tissue transfer printing from hand-engraved copper rollers
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Height: 9.5cm, Width : 12cm, Depth: 8.5cm

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