5 Uses of a Burleigh Mini Teapot Tray

Our handmade Mini Teapot Trays are available in our full range of beautiful patterns, from Blue Calico to Black Willow and Pink Asiatic Pheasants.

Originally designed to aid a tidy kitchen and hold used teabags, the Mini Teapot Tray has a multitude of uses.

We’ve listed our top 5 uses below:

1. Position the Mini Teapot Tray on the bedside table and use as a trinket holder to store jewellery, loose change or a small plant

2. Fill the Mini Teapot Trays with sauces, oils, nuts and olives and present alongside a sharing platter, for a unique way of serving  

3. Place a tealight on the Mini Teapot Tray to bring light and pattern to your table setting 

4. Use the Mini Teapot Tray around the home to store keys and other small objects in an admirable style

5. At Christmas time, attach string to the Mini Teapot Tray’s handle and hang from your Christmas tree to create a quirky and colourful decoration.

The Mini Teapot Tray also come with a stunning gift-box, making it a perfect gift. See our full range of Teapot Trays here.  

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