Factory Tours

Factory tours are available at Middleport Pottery on weekdays. However due to the nature of pottery production, these tours must be pre-booked. The Princes Regeneration Trust have a team of trained tour guides who will show you how Burleigh pottery is made from clay to finished product. 

Some areas of the factory are not suitable for those with special mobility needs. If this affects you, please call the Middleport Visitor Centre team on +44(0)1782 499766

Visitors can also take part in a self-guided tour around certain parts of the historic pottery site - this is open 10am-5pm Tuesday-Sunday. The self-guided tour encompasses the 'old offices' which exhibits Burleigh ware of the past. It also showcases the 'Historic bottle oven', allowing visitors to look inside one of the last ever remaining bottle oven kilns.

To book a tour please ring the Princes Regeneration Trust team at Middleport on:  +44(0)1782 499 766 or click here.

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