Collection: Jugs

The traditional shape and ornate handle of a Burleigh jug will bring the charm of the English tearoom to every occasion. We have a wide range of sizes, including large water jugs and small milk and creamer jugs. Featuring our most famous prints, each one will make a stunning addition to your table.

We handcraft all of our ceramic jugs at the famous Middleport Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, England. We've been making fine earthenware here since 1851, and we still use the same skilful techniques we did back then.

All of our water jugs are hand decorated using our time-honoured tissue transfer printing method. We use engraved copper rollers to print the design onto fine tissue paper, then apply the decoration to the ceramics by hand. It's this method that allows us to decorate all of our complex handle shapes with such accuracy.

These vintage-style Burleighware water jugs feature all of our most famous floral patterns. We've got classic blue and white prints, including Blue Regal Peacock and Blue Asiatic Pheasants, as well as more modern styles.

Mix and match yours with our Burleigh dinner sets, breakfast sets, and tea sets for a truly sophisticated dinner table. Or, use your decorative jug in place of a vase to display your beautiful blooms in style. Whatever you use it for, a classic Burleigh Pottery jug is something to be treasured. So, browse the range now and order online with UK or international delivery.