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About us

At Burleigh Pottery, our skilled team of craftspeople have been producing Burleighware since 1851. It takes 25 pairs of hands to create a single piece of Burleigh pottery, and each pot is meticulously hand-finished. Creating something good, something that lasts, something that is above fashion and trends, something timeless, can’t be hurried.


Handmade for a reason

Every piece of Burleigh is made by hand. Hand and eye and heart, mixed with years of experience and passion. Experience that is passed down, passed on, inherited and shared. In this way, we ensure that what we make is the best we can make. This way has stood the test of time. It’s handmade for a reason, because handmade is the best way.

One word, skill

We use skills you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Unique skills. Skills that are combined with a passion for clay and a passion for getting it right. Skills mixed with just a little bit of magic too. The magic that turns grey, damp clay into something pure white, something permanent, something brilliant.

New Gift Boxes

New Gift Boxes

Inspired by the wooden packaging crates used to send Burleigh around the world, our brand-new gift boxes offer three different tea time arrangements.



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Preparing the Home for Autumn

Preparing the Home for Autumn

Autumn conjures up colours of burnt orange and deep red; it’s an invigorating season, full of new styling ideas.

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Our Visit to Wedding Venue, Tyn Dwr Hall

Our Visit to Wedding Venue, Tyn Dwr Hall

Tyn Dwr Hall is a beautiful wedding venue set in the Dee Valley in North Wales. A grand country hall, it dates back to 1865 and is surrounded by ancient woodland.

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