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Handmade for a reason

 Every piece of Burleigh is made by hand. Hand and eye and heart, mixed with years of experience and passion. Experience that is passed down, passed on, inherited and shared. In this way, we ensure that what we make is the best we can make. This way has stood the test of time. It’s handmade for a reason, because handmade is the best way.

One word, skill

We use skills you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Unique skills. Skills that are combined with a passion for clay and a passion for getting it right. Skills mixed with just a little bit of magic too. The magic that turns grey, damp clay into something pure white, something permanent, something brilliant.

Creating an Autumnal Centrepiece.

Creating an Autumnal Centrepiece.

Our retail manager Jemma Baskeyfield has been working hard to make sure the factory shop is looking cosy. Taking centre stage in our upstairs best shop is a table setting fit for the most exquisite of dinners. Adorned with seasonal vegetables, Jemma has created a masterpiece inspired by the rich colours and nature autumn has to offer. Using Blue Burgess Chintz, which is now exclusive to our factory shop, this table has been laid for a more formal setting.

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The Perfect Autumn Dish with Burleigh and Rebecca Newman

The Perfect Autumn Dish with Burleigh and Rebecca Newman

By bringing the rich colours of autumn into your home and onto your plate, this dish provides comfort as well as full flavours and textures. As the evenings grow colder, this is the perfect salad for cosy autumn evenings; roasted seasonal vegetables add such warmth to the table and looks even better served on your favourite Burleigh ware!

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Blue Burgess Chintz

Blue Burgess Chintz

Whether you want to bring English countryside charm to your home or add a dash of elegance to a formal dinner table, this iconic Burleigh pattern has the versatility to suit any dining experience. Inspired by wild geranium blossoms, this Burleigh Classic adds a delicate elegance to any occasion.
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