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170th Anniversary Limited Edition Copper Pen

Copper engraving has been at the heart of every Burleigh design for the last 170 years and it is this intricate and historic craft skill which inspired the 170th Anniversary Engraved Copper Pen.

Hewn from a single solid piece of pure copper, each pen has been exquisitely engraved with Burleigh's Regal Peacock design and is presented in a box of solid English oak. Just ten pens have been commissioned; the 170th Anniversary Engraved Copper Pen is a a perfect celebration of a British institution and a tool for writing the next chapter.

Burleigh is now the only business in the world to continue to use engraved copper rollers to decorate ceramics. It is a traditional method that is hidden from view and even some of Burleigh's most ardent fans will never have seen an exposed copper roller. That's because every roller is coated in a thin layer of chrome to protect the delicate, soft copper surface. This pen celebrates the copper material and the engravings that have made Burleigh desirable around the world.

Care Advice
Each pen is made by hand, using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. Each item is unique and no two items will have precisely the same tone or markings.

Over time the metal will naturally oxidise, developing a rich, dark patina that is unique to your touch. Copper patinas vary in colour from a deep charcoal to vibrant turquoise, making each item beautifully distinct. To restore the original shine to your item, copper can be polished gently with a soft polishing cloth and waxed to reduce oxidisation. We recommend Renaissance Wax, which was developed by the British Museum in the 1950s and is still used today to protect artefacts in the world’s major museums and art galleries.

The pen is splash proof but please avoid direct contact with perfume, creams and other sprays as these may cause discolouration.
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