Collection: Christmas Decorations

Invite the festive spirit into your home with a selection of ceramic Christmas tree decorations from Burleigh. Featuring a collection of kiln rings and modeller's decorations in some of our best-loved Burleigh designs, these pieces will add the perfect finishing touch to your tree this Christmas.

At Burleigh, we believe each Christmas decoration on your tree or around your mantlepiece should tell a story. Lovingly collected over time, each trinket is steeped in memories to be adored for generations to come. 

There is no more festive a feeling than retrieving the box of Christmas decorations, unfurling the nest of newsprint, and setting to work decking the halls. This year, our ceramic Christmas decorations feature our iconic Green, Burgundy, and Blue Regal Peacock design. This trio of colours, complete with their copper ribbon loops, is gratifyingly festive, the perfect accompaniment to any longstanding collection.

Each ornament has been lovingly hand-decorated at the famous Middleport Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, England. We use a range of time-honoured techniques to craft each piece, from our Green, Burgundy, and Blue Regal Peacock kiln rings, to our Green, Burgundy, and Blue Regal Peacock modeller's decorations.

Our master craftspeople use engraved copper rollers to print each iconic Burleigh design onto fine tissue paper, then apply the print by hand using a centuries-old tissue transfer method. This allows us to achieve our beautiful floral designs on even the most complicated of shapes.

These ceramic Christmas decorations are designed to be mixed and matched, and would sit wonderfully alongside your current collection, so shop the range today and order online with UK or international delivery.