Collection: Burgundy Regal Peacock Kiln Ring

Printed with a deep wine-red hue, these Burgundy Regal Peacock kiln ring decorations from Burleigh make a stylish addition to your Christmas tree. Also available in Green and Blue Regal Peacock designs, these ornaments are designed to be mix and matched.

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Kiln rings are an essential part of the pottery process and are used to check that the temperature of the kiln is consistent. The idea is that the kiln ring will shrink at a uniform rate when exposed to extreme heat. If not, then the temperature is not consistent and needs adjusting.

Although kiln rings are a vital part of the process, they are no longer needed once their job is done and are typically thrown away. However, Burleigh have created a way to give these pieces a new lease of life and help reduce our carbon footprint. Our expert craftspeople have transformed them into stylish ceramic Christmas decorations and decorated them using off-cut tissue paper that would otherwise be discarded. 

Please note that these decorations are not dishwasher safe nor are they food safe. This product is not a toy and should be kept out of reach of children. Box may contain small parts.

Our kiln rings are available in shades of blue, burgundy, and green – the perfect festive colour scheme for a traditional feel with a contemporary twist. The Burleigh Christmas collection also features handmade modeller's decorations, adorned with our Green, Burgundy, and Blue Regal Peacock designs. Browse the range today and order online with UK or international delivery.