Pottery Bowls

Add a sense of beauty and sophistication to your everyday with these pottery bowls from Burleigh. We craft each one by hand at our famous Middleport Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, England, where we've been since 1851. Each bowl is made from our unique blend of clay, which is glazed and fired to ensure that it's dishwasher and microwave safe.

40 results
Cereal Bowl - Black Regal Peacock Cereal Bowl 16cm/6.25"
Pasta Bowl - Black Regal Peacock Pasta Bowl 23cm/9"
Pudding/Soup Bowl - Black Regal Peacock Pudding / Soup Bowl 20.5cm/8"
Cereal Bowl - Blue Arden Cereal Bowl 16cm/6.25"
Pasta Bowl - Blue Arden Pasta Bowl 23cm/9"
Pudding/Soup Bowl - Blue Arden Pudding / Soup Bowl 20cm/8"
Chinese Bowl - Blue Arden Small Footed Bowl 16cm/ 6.25"
Cereal Bowl - Blue Asiatic Pheasants Cereal Bowl 16cm/6.25"
Chinese Bowl - Blue Asiatic Pheasants Large Footed Bowl 28cm/11cm
Chinese Bowl - Blue Asiatic Pheasants Medium Footed Bowl 20.5cm/8"
Blue Asiatic Pheasants Pasta Bowl 23cm/9"
Blue Asiatic Pheasants Pudding / Soup Bowl 20.5cm/8"

40 results

All of our ceramic bowls have been adorned with one of our classic blue and white Burleigh prints, including Blue Regal Peacock and Asiatic Pheasants. We've also got more contemporary versions, like Black Regal Peacock and Pink Asiatic Pheasants, that will add a modern touch to your table.

Each Burleigh bowl is hand printed in our English workshop. We use time-honoured decoration methods to achieve beautifully intricate patterns on all of our cereal, soup, and pasta bowls. We've been using the same techniques for over 150 years because they deliver an exceptional result.

No matter if it's your breakfast or dinner table, these handmade pottery bowls will make each meal just that little bit more special. Mix and match them with our side plates and dinner plates for a beautiful table setting to impress.

These printed bowls are available to buy in singles, but we also have bowl sets which contain four matching cereal bowls. Available in all of our stylish designs, they're perfect for setting a beautiful breakfast table. Browse the selection today and order online with UK or international delivery.

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