Cereal Bowls

With these stunning cereal bowls, your morning meal doesn't have to be mundane. Handmade and decorated by Burleigh artisans in Stoke-on-Trent, England, these patterned pieces are undisputedly luxurious and made to last. Our range includes blue and white cereal bowls from some of our best-selling collections, such as Blue Felicity, as well as featuring designs like Plum and Pink Asiatic Pheasants.

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Whether you're enjoying a leisurely breakfast in bed or grabbing granola before work, these patterned cereal bowls are sure to make your morning that bit brighter. Plus, we have all the other items you need for a matching breakfast table, including ceramic milk jugs, butter dishes, and jam pots.

We also offer cereal bowls as part of our breakfast sets, alongside matching side plates and teacups. These make brilliant gifts for anyone who loves the most important meal of the day.

However, our stoneware cereal bowls can be used for so much more than breakfast. This, combined with the fact that they're timelessly stylish, durable, and microwave/dishwasher safe, means you'll get lots of use and enjoyment from them for years to come.

We deliver worldwide, so shop for ceramic cereal bowls at Burleigh Pottery today. You may also be interested in our cereal bowl sets, as well as our ramen, pasta, and soup bowls.

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