Collection: Blue Willow

Step into the enchanting world of Blue Willow, a revived Burleigh Pottery collection that is steeped in history and timeless elegance. Officially launched in 1924 as ‘Dilwyn’ Willow, Blue Willow is our take on the iconic willow pattern, a true British classic. Carefully and authentically recovered from our archives, Blue Willow reclaims its place among our blue and white tableware collections.

Transporting you back to the 18th century, when the British Isles developed a profound love for the exquisite blue and white tea wares imported from the Far East, the Blue Willow pattern is a tribute to this enduring romance. Paying homage to its history, the Blue Willow collection features everything you need to enjoy your favourite blend, from teapots and teacups to milk jugs and sugar bowls.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each piece of Blue Willow tableware tells a story of ancient love and cultural heritage. Alongside tea sets, you’ll also find everyday pieces for stylish dining, including classic Blue Willow dinner plates, bowls, and charming Blue Willow mugs that will add sophistication to any meal.

Every item is a testament to Burleigh's commitment to quality craftsmanship and ageless design. The iconic blue and white willow pattern is applied to each piece using our unique tissue transfer process — a method we’ve been using since the 19th century. It’s this long-standing technique that allows us to achieve the intricate motifs and delicate charm of Burleighware.

Discover the enduring beauty of Blue Willow pottery today with UK or international delivery. If you love this range, you may also like our classic Blue Regal Peacock and Blue Asiatic Pheasants collections.