Autumn in the Factory Shop

It's that time of year when the end of summer is marked by the changes in our countryside and gardens. For our Factory Shop Manager, Jemma, it’s one of the most exciting times for dressing the Burleigh Factory Shop. Jemma loves to bring the ‘outside in’ to reflect the changing seasons on the displays. Using a rich palette of reds, oranges, yellows and browns, the shop's new displays embody all that is loved about autumn.

Our new giant round table is the perfect setting for a 'harvest picnic' theme.  With apples, acorns, gathered branches from the garden and a selection of our larger dining ware. For anyone planning to entertain and hold family gatherings around Halloween, our large Soup Tureen is perfect for warming soups and stews. Likewise our serving platters are fantastic for bread or even pizza slices. It may not be summer anymore, but with Halloween and Bonfire night around the corner, whether indoors or out, this display encourages a celebration in style!

The main display on our upper floor is a re-working of our popular summer tree. This season the forest has taken on a new look, with a mix of blue dinner plates fixed across the tree's boughs and a vignette of different patterns around the foot.  Therefore whichever way you look at the tree there's something new to discover.

The rest of the shop is also beginning to take on a seasonal look. Downstairs we have a nod to Halloween with a display of our black & white and green collections, alongside an eclectic collection of crows and unusual pumpkins.


A great way to bring some seasonal colour into store is by using Autumn wreaths. Here at Burleigh we make our own. Using a circular metal frame we fasten on flora that the season has to offer. This month that includes twigs, ivy and some tiny crab apples collected from the factory garden here at Middleport.

Soon the shop will be filled with our decorated pumpkins. Decorated on site by our tissue transfers, make sure to stop by and see them before they’re gone.

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