Blue Burgess Chintz

Whether you want to bring English countryside charm to your home or add a dash of elegance to a formal dinner table, this iconic Burleigh pattern has the versatility to suit any dining experience. Inspired by wild geranium blossoms, this Burleigh Classic adds a delicate elegance to any occasion. The mid shade of blue and floral motif creates a calming atmosphere and will compliment and blend well your other blue and white Burleigh pieces

Burgess Chintz has been in production since the early 1900s and is still as striking today as it was back then. This classic archive design is typically Burleigh, a beautiful archive pattern which has a story from the rich history of the company; the pattern is aptly named in homage to one of Burleigh’s founders, Fredrick Rathbone Burgess. This is where the ‘Bur’ comes from in Burleigh. 

Now exclusive to our factory shop, Blue Burgess Chintz features proudly in our Autumn table setting display.

A personal favourite of our Retail manager Jemma Baskeyfield, Blue Burgess Chintz can be bought instore at our Factory Shop or ordered by contacting the shop on 01782 525510 or at

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