Christmas in the Factory Shop

Christmas has arrived in our Factory Shop at Middleport Pottery. Our Factory Shop Manager Jemma Baskeyfield, has taken inspiration from Japanese winter gardens to create a subtle hued window display in our Best Shop, accented with shades of deep blue as shown in her sketch below. This year’s theme predominantly incorporates lighter shades, including white and silver. Jemma says “Our Blue Arden collection works perfectly with these polished, wintery colours”. Using white stippled logs and branches of silver burch to create height, the display glistens with faux snow and a Christmas tree adorned with festive fairy-lights.

On the central table in the Best Shop, Jemma has arranged a tumbling ‘Gift Tree’ featuring our latest gift boxes, and iconic Blue Calico pattern. The vibrancy of the orange is a stunning contrast to the natural ivy and our classic Blue Calico design. Jemma admires the combination of traditional and contemporary within this arrangement saying, “I wanted to convey a beautiful Christmas theme that was distinctive from your traditional seasonal decor”. To complement our grey gift boxes, tied with eye-catching orange ribbons, Jemma has also wrapped a number of boxes in orange tissue – which she admits was a challenge to find in this shade, at Christmas time!

For the table setting display, our Blue Regal Peacock range is smartly presented around focal pieces including the Soup Tureen & Ladle, the Sauce Tureen & Ladle, Open Veg Dishes and Rectangular Dishes. Each setting is traditional in style however elements of gold have been introduced to add to the sophistication of the table. Jemma has also hand-dried a variety of fruits and has used them to bring further colour and texture into the look – you’ll find these beautifully scented orange and lemon slices scattered around the displays in the Shop.

Downstairs in our Seconds Shop sits our largest ever, 13 foot Christmas tree. The tree is decorated with golden baubles, our Mini Teapot Trays and twinkling lights.

See below our Factory Shop Christmas 2016 opening times:

23rd December - 9am-5pm

24th December - 9am-4pm

25th December - Closed

26th December - Closed

27th December - 10am-4pm

28th December - 9am-5pm

29th December - 9am-5pm

30th December - 9am-5pm

31st December - 9am-4pm

1st December - 10am-4pm

2nd December - 10am-4pm. 

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