Decadent Dining at Home with Burleigh & Nonna Tonda

Elevating our dining experiences at home is something that we have all become experts in over the last few months, but its not something we are in a hurry to change. Home is our safe haven, our sanctuary! And in our humble opinion, there is nothing much cosier than enjoying a home cooked meal at home, with a glass of wine by the fire. But that’s not to say we don’t always need a helping hand along the way…

Nonna Tonda, also known as James & Rebecca, deliver fresh pasta and delicious sauces to your door ready to cook and eat in under 5 minutes! Nonna Tonda was established in 2017, when the couple packed up their possessions and 6 month old son and went on a tour of Italy to learn the authentic way to make pasta – and now here they are! Made each morning, their pasta is the freshest around; making their dishes not only delicious, but super convenient too.

In the coming weeks, we have some exciting things coming from our partnership with Nonna Tonda, because after all, beautiful food deserves a beautiful dish to be served upon! Create decadent dining experiences at home and allow yourself to slow down a little with stress free, exquisite dining…with minimal dishes to wash up too!

Visit Nonna Tonda to read more about their delivery service, and browse Collection One to create the look at home.

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