Dining Alfresco

Easter may have passed but Spring is in full swing and now is the perfect time to embrace the longer and warmer days with the temperatures rising and restrictions slowly easing; lay the table outside to gather with friends.

The great outdoors are ready and waiting and here Yasmin,  a full-time foodie with background in design and sustainability, has combined our Pink and Blue Asiatic Pheasant designs with fresh blooms to create a beautiful tablescape this Spring to help you enjoy a meal outdoors with friends.

Are you in need of some inspiration to help curate a seasonal tablescape?

Here are Yasmin’s top tips:

  1. Take inspiration from the season’s colour palette – what matches beautifully in nature is also likely to match well in your table scape, too
  2. Adding elements of nature to the table are the perfect way to bring the outside in and your styling will really reflect the season
  3. Dressing your table with a tablecloth and adding layers to surround yourself with colours, patterns and textures help create an authentic style to really ‘wow’ your guests
  4. Be playful and mix up your crockery – different colour combinations of the same design can bring out the best features of both
  5. Have a feature piece which draws the eye to the table – whether it’s a bowl full of fresh produce or a flower arrangement, it will bring a show-stopping element to the party
  6. Flowers make beautiful displays and table decorations but remember to remain low in the centre so that people can talk across them easily.

 If you’d like some inspiration for a beautiful dish to serve, Yasmin ‘really can’t resist all the fresh produce that’s coming to the farmers’ markets. I like to get some beautiful fresh fish such as bass, grill it for half the recommended cooking time, and for the second half – finish the cooking in a sauce of butter, garlic, juice of lemon and chopped parsley'

'In around 15miutes, your fish will be ready to serve. I’d plate that in a beautiful flat serving dish and make it the centre piece of the table. On the side, I’d put lightly grilled asparagus and courgettes, chopped seasonal salad with a light olive oil and citrus dressing and wedges of fresh lemon. It’s like tasting the sun and the sea, and I love it!’

 And because we can’t always rely on the Great British weather…remember that the same tips can be applied to gatherings indoors, too!

Share your tablescapes and creations using #BurleighPottery and head over to Instagram for more inspiration.

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