Elevated Dining at Home For you and your Family

Whilst lockdown restrictions continue to be eased, going out to eat may not be on the menu for all of us at the moment. But that doesn't mean mealtimes have to be boring…

It's easy to elevate any type of meal, and we are certain that many of you have had plenty of practice over the past weeks and months. By carefully selecting your tableware and serving pieces that can be used from breakfast through to supper (and everything in between, elevenses anybody?) you can enhance your dining experience at home and make it extra special!

You may have tried some of our Breakfast with Burleigh recipes, and now we’re here to help inspire your evening meal times too.

Mealtimes are a great opportunity to sit down with family and enjoy some delicious food. But we appreciate that it is easy to get into a routine when in the kitchen at home, especially after being home for so long now. We have teamed up with Morgan over at @morganalicebeauty to bring to you some of her favourite ‘go to’ meals to feed her family, and what’s great is that these are fab for your little people to enjoy too! So whether you are planning an extra special date night, or a table for four, we hope you enjoy these culinary delights made at home, best served on Burleigh ware of course.

If you’d like to give these recipes a try, you can visit Morgan’s blog to get her top tips for family mealtimes. From India to Italy, Morgan has options to suit each of you, with easy adaptions for vegetarian options too.

All that is left to do, is serve on your Blue Asiatic Pheasants dinner plates, and enjoy!

Burleigh x


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