Foraging through the Festivities

Express your love of the great outdoors this Christmas and turn your home into a winter woodland wonderland; bringing foraged finds from the outside, into your home. When it comes to foraging for home decor, winter offers endless possibilities from the simplest and barest branch to a handful of pinecones – pieces of nature can easily be transformed into elegant and festive home décor; adding a personal touch to the festivities and also making the perfect table centrepiece or focal point of a room. 

This festive season we have collaborated with Delia Kiddle to bring to you a Festive guide to Foraging. And it couldn’t be more simple, because all you really need is some secateurs or scissors to cut with. You should be careful to never pull at things you find in woodland as you may damage the plant or accidentally pull it up with the roots; it is important not to disturb nature. If you are planning to pick a lot then a basket, trug or a simple carrier bag can come in handy too.

Here we share Delia's foraged arrangement, perfectly full of seasonal shades of green and red, complementing our Green Asiatic Pheasant collection to bring together the festive table. 

It is important to be open minded and try using things that don't necessarily look like flower bunch material - any green foliage looks amazing en masse. Most important of all is to be careful and considerate when you pick things outside. A good rule to follow is to only ever cut one stem in each place, then move on and look for another spot. That way you are sure to leave most of the plant in place for the birds and insects to enjoy.

We hope you enjoy foraging to create a festive masterpiece this year; don’t forget to tag us using #BurleighPottery

Remember to forage responsibly. Foraging guidelines from The Woodland Trust are also available here.

For more inspiration from Burleigh this Christmas, clichere.



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