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If you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this year but are feeling a little overwhelmed about what to do, we asked our friend Deborah of @addictedtochina to come up with some ideas.

Why not enjoy a meal at home with your favourite person and food. If you’re not a fan of Valentine’s, this can be used for any occasion, whether that be Galentine’s, a birthday or just the fact it’s Friday!

You just have to start scrolling through Deborah’s Instagram to see she’s an expert when it comes to tablescapes; previously creating some beautiful content featuring iconic Blue and Green Burleigh patterns. Read on to find out how Deborah started, where she finds inspiration and her tips for an easy Valentine’s table.

Iconic Burleigh Blues

Q&A With Addicted To China

Q. What's your background and how did you get in to this?

A. I have no idea why, but I had a love of table settings from a very early age. At 12 I saw dinnerware that I liked, was gifted it years later for graduation, and still use it daily.

Q. How do you go about choosing colours, accessories and props?

A. I start with one aspect and build from there. Sometimes it is the linens, sometimes an occasion, but most often it’s the dinnerware. Then I pull out different items and mix and match until I’m happy with the result. Often, I have a plan in mind at the start but end up doing something totally different through the process.

Q. If you feel overwhelmed or don't have much time, where's a good place to start?

I default to a setting I have done successfully before, to the items that are close at hand and ready to go. I have several arrangements around the house that can be pressed into service for instant centrepieces: dried flowers, vintage beaded fruit or a bowl of gourds, depending on the time of year.

Q. Top tips if you're on a budget?

A. Buy a classic dinnerware pattern that you love that can be dressed up for celebrations or down for every day. If you can only afford a few settings, start there and add as you can.

Q. Which Burleigh collection do you love the most?

A. My first love was any of the patterns in blue and white, but I have to say that the Green Asiatic Pheasants is my current favourite.

Green Asiatic Pheasants & Green Regal Peacock Burleigh Collections

Q. If you don't celebrate Valentine's Day, could you still set your table in this way for other occasions?

A. The great thing about the Blue Calico is that it is seasonless, switch out the linens and flowers and it’s equally beautiful any time of year, for every occasion.

Q. What will you be doing this Valentine's, if anything?

A. Dressing up, braving the crowds and going out to dinner. Seattle is so casual that the only real occasion to dress is Valentine’s Day.

Q&A with Deborah of Addicted To China

Easy Tips For A Special Valentine’s Table

1. You don’t need to buy anything new to create a romantic table. In this example, Deborah folded her napkins in a heart-shaped, as a nod to the occasion. We love this!

2. Mix it up. Choose a place you don’t normally eat. Deborah pulled this small table in front of the fireplace, for a bit of romantic atmosphere and extra warmth if it’s winter where you are.

3. Add red or pink or both. Deborah says “These seasonless Blue Calico dishes are made Valentine’s-ready by the addition of the pink linens and flowers.”

4. Don’t stop at the table. Adding bunting and some cut-out hearts extended the festivities to the mantle. Don’t have a mantle? Decorate a chandelier above your table with ribbon and hearts, or hang a swag across the doorway. Work with whatever space you have.

5. Make it sweet. “Scatter conversation heart candies in the middle of the table, put heart shaped chocolates in small bowls, or elevate a variety of desserts on a tiered cake stand.”

Valentine's Day table from @addictedfromchina
Shop your favourite Burleigh pattern, then give Deborah a follow on Instagram for more table setting ideas and inspiration.


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