How to Mix and Match with Lucy Loves Ya

This Christmas, bring variety to your festive décor by introducing the mix and match trend into your home. Lifestyle and interiors blogger Lucy Loves Ya, has put together her top tips for bringing to life this eye-catching trend:

1. The Blue Asiatic Pheasant/Calico/Felicity 3 Tier Cake Stand is the perfect start for inspiration. It already has the mix and match plates so add some teacups and a teapot from these ranges for a fun and eclectic tea party to enjoy your festive treats - yule log, gingerbread or fruitcake? Why not have mulled wine in your Burleigh teacup instead of tea?

2. If you have guests staying over Christmas, create a display of white Poinsettia flowers on side tables in a few of the Red Calico jugs for a strong impact or the Dove Grey jugs for a subtler feel, depending on your colour scheme in the room. It will give a lovely, cosy feel and make your visitors feel very special.

3. Hang a mixture of Burleigh teacups on your tree with strong and pretty ribbon - secure them well to ensure that they stay fastened. This is a unique way to dress your home and draw attention to your lovely collection – it’s definitely a talking point in the room!

4. Layer your plates at the start of the meal on the Christmas table. For instance, start with a Coronation Meadows Dinner Plate and place a Poppy Coronation Side Plate on top of this. If you’re having a starter such as soup, place the bowl on top of the plates or add a little gift for your guests at each place setting instead.

5. Place all of your mixed Burleigh ware on a dresser or mantelpiece and place tea light candles/battery night lights in and on top of them. As it turns dark, light them all and it will display everything beautifully. You could also add some white fairy lights around them.

6. Make a children’s hamper with The Highgrove Geese collection. Fill the hamper with some of the eggs cups and plates and fill some cups with sweeties. Very much something for children to keep and cherish! 

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