Introducing Black Regal Peacock

A pattern with an extensive history, Regal Peacock was first introduced into our range in 1913. Designed to bring together a number of Oriental and Middle-Eastern fables with a far Eastern influence, the story of the birds congress to ‘elect a king’ is played out on each pottery piece. The year of its launch, Queen Mary especially admired the unique blue and white design during an exhibition visit made by The Queen and King George V at the King's Hall in Stoke-on-Trent. Soon after, the range graced the shelves of the world's finest retailers, including Harrods department store in London.

Throughout its lifetime, Regal Peacock has been known as ‘Chinese Peacock’ and later, ‘Blue Bird. It was produced throughout the 1900s until the pattern was discontinued for a short period. It was 100 years later in 2013, when the design was reintroduced under its new name, Blue Regal Peacock - a name given to signify the pattern's first Royal admirer in 1913, and ironically completing the story in 2013 when a piece from the collection was presented to HRH the Prince of Wales during one of his many visits to Burleigh. In order to relaunch the range, a new copper roller was required as the original engravings had worn. Taking 1,911 hours for Chris, our highly skilled in-house engraver to finish, the copper roller is a true work of art. Over the years, the engraving of the crane bird had been lost and was no longer visible. Chris skilfully traced the original design to bring this bird back into the pattern and complete the Regal Peacock story.

Our Regal Peacock collection is made in the same way as it was in 1913. The pattern proves to be a challenge for our dedicated tissue printers as it incorporates a border and central motif pattern, requiring great care and precision when applying.

This year we have launched our classic Regal Peacock design in a brand-new colourway: black. In line with its history, Black Regal Peacock was exclusively available in Harrods but the collection is now fully available here. Already a statement design, the pattern seen in black is beautifully striking. Our Senior Design Manager, Sarah Heaton says “Black Regal Peacock is a smart and stylish twist on something very traditional - by using black and white, suddenly Regal Peacock is given a modern edge”.

The shapes that make up the collection are traditional at first glance but can be used for anything from serving desserts in the Jam Pot to gin cocktails in the Teapot. The deep colour gives a contemporary and decadent look, whilst the pattern allows you to choose a traditional or more daring style of dining.

Find the full Black Regal Peacock collection here.

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