Introducing the First NEW Collection from Burleigh in 25 Years, Welcome to Collection One

A new pattern from Burleigh is rare, a new Burleigh collection is unheard of in the company’s 169-year history.

Burleigh is excited to introduce Collection One, the first collection of Burleighware.


Handcrafted by our artisans at our home, Middleport Pottery, Collection One is infused with our unrivalled style and celebrates the way Burleigh has been decorating its wares with traditional tissue transfer since it began in 1851. This iconic tissue transfer process has been given a new challenge... and we think you’re going to enjoy it!

 Hand crafted to be combined, layered and curated, Collection One tells a story of a floral lifecycle. From plant cell structure, to abundant blooms, to the industrious bee that pollenates from flower to flower. On this new and exciting stage of our journey, we take a step forward from our signature blue hues, Collection One is decorated using a new shade, coined ‘Ink Blue’. Palisade, Hibiscus and Pollen represent the past, present and future of this most-admired pottery mark, bridging the great design work of Burleigh’s past with Burleigh’s place in contemporary luxury design today.

Alison Howell, Design Development Manager at Burleigh Pottery says; 'To design Collection One, I started by stripping everything back and looking at Burleigh's DNA. Everything from that point on was designed to amplify the skills and techniques that we have been practicing since 1851. From giving the transferrers more autonomy over pattern placement, to combining multiple pattern and decorating styles, we have explored our techniques and pattern history in a way not done before. To celebrate this new way of working we have also added to the family of signature Burleigh blues. Pollen, Palisade and Hibiscus are all decorated in Ink Blue; a rich dark hue created to exemplify the virtues of tissue transfer.'


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