Mini Mugs

Brand new to the range, our charming arrangement of Mini Mugs are the perfect size for a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Whether you choose to pour from a cafetiere, V60 or your own coffee machine, these shorter mugs look effortlessly smart with each pattern giving an accent of colour and personality.

Larger than our classic Espresso Cup, the Mini Mug holds enough coffee for a morning boost or after-dinner treat. In order to make the finest coffee, make sure that you first pre-heat your cup with hot water. Next, grind your coffee beans, or arrange your pre-prepared beans and use an advisory ratio of 75g of coffee per litre of water for your cafetiere or 60g of coffee per litre of water when using a V60.

When using a cafetiere, pour in the coffee followed by your hot water and leave for approximately 4 minutes before using a spoon to stir the coffee crust that has formed. Next remove the floating foam and remnants of coffee with a spoon. Insert the plunger and press down slowly. Wait a few minutes before pouring your coffee to avoid any coffee particles escaping into your mug.

To make your cup from a V60, first pre-heat the vessel and filter by running hot water through it. Remove this water and next add-in your coffee to the filter. Wet the coffee through with the hot water, stir and wait for approximately 30 seconds before adding the remaining water.

Available in our stunning range of patterns, from Blue Calico to our latest Black Regal Peacock design, the Mini Mugs are a must-have for any coffee admirer.

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