Overnight Oats with Rebecca Newman

In the past 2 years, the amount of people living a vegan lifestyle has grown by 700%. The ‘Veganuary’ campaign invites you to try a vegan lifestyle during January. Many people lead this lifestyle for a number of reasons, such as health benefits and environmental factors.  Why not give it a try? Vegan food blogger Rebecca Newman shares one of her favourite vegan breakfasts, ‘overnight oats’:

Start the day right with overnight oats. A simple, quick and delicious vegan breakfast!
All you need is a base of 50g of oats (gluten free if required) and 100ml of plant based milk. Then you can get really creative with flavour combinations! Nut butters, fresh and dried fruits and seeds make great addition. I use nut butter pretty much every day, be it almond, peanut, cashew, pistachio, pecan (the list goes on),  as a rule I mix a tbsp straight in with the oats and milk.  

To make your overnight oats use 50g of oats and 100ml of your preferred plant milk, such as almond, oat, hazelnut or soy, the choice is yours! Then add your chosen flavourings, mix all the ingredients together and leave in the fridge overnight. It’s then ready to eat straight from the fridge in the morning. A great breakfast for on the go!

Here’ a selection of some of my favourite flavour combinations:

Peanut butter, Banana and Chocolate:
50g oats, 100ml plant milk, half a mashed ripe banana, 1tbsp peanut butter, and 2 squares of chopped vegan dark chocolate.

Chocolate and Cashew:
50g oats, 100ml plant milk, 1 tbsp crunchy cashew butter, 1 tbsp raw cocao powder, 1 tsp raw cocao nibs and 1 tsp granulated sweetener (or sweetener of choice, e.g. maple coconut sugar)

Almond and Blueberry:
50g oats, 100ml plant milk, 50g blueberries, pinch of cinnamon, 1 tbsp crunchy almond butter and 1tsp sweetener.

Pistachio and Fig:
50g oats, 100ml plant milk, 1 tbsp pistachio butter, 1 tsp sweetener, 1 chopped dried or fresh fig and a few chopped roasted pistachio kernels.

These are just a few of my personal favourites but you can make so many different combinations. My Instagram page is full of overnight oat inspiration @thefatiguedfoodie

Give it a try, a healthy, delicious and filling breakfast that you can prepare in advance. I hope you love them as much as I do! 


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