Preparing the Home for Autumn

Autumn conjures up colours of burnt orange and deep red; it’s an invigorating season, full of new styling ideas. It’s now time to bring out the blankets, uncover the one-pot cookbooks and fill your home with the scents of the new season. From seasonal fruits to spicy teas, we’ve put together our favourite tips for embracing this time of year.

Stack the fruit bowl high with beautiful fruits to bring colour to the room and as a quick and convenient topping to your dishes. Choose clementines, pomegranates, persimmon and plums as the perfect autumnal fruits. Arranged in a fruit bowl, these warm colours will set the tone of the season.

Bring out the candles from the cupboards to use around the home for light and scent. Candles work particularly well in entrance halls, on windowsills and coffee tables as well as on the dining table. Mix up colours and heights with your candles for interest and arrange singularly or in clusters.

Invest in a classic teapot to enjoy cups of chai, spice and berry tea as a treat or whilst entertaining your guests. The aromas from the teapot will evoke a cosy sense of winter.

For an autumnal take on florals, accent your space with dried flowers. Now back in fashion, dried flowers give a softer and sophisticated look and continue to look their best throughout autumn and well into winter.

See our autumn moodboard on Pinterest for more seasonal home inspiration.

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