Q&A: British Interior Designer Sophie Paterson

We first met Sophie Paterson last summer when she styled a beautiful table using our Blue Regal Peacock tableware. We caught up with the busy British Interior Designer again recently for a chat about all things design.

1. Please tell us a little bit about Sophie Paterson Interiors, your design philosophy and brand values.

I set up my eponymous firm in 2008 and 15 years later we are a team of 15 designers and interior architects working on high end residential projects all over the world from London, Europe and the Middle East. As a designer, I focus on creating timeless and elegant interiors with a classical contemporary style, characterised by soothing colour palettes. My projects across the globe reflect this philosophy, where each interior regardless of its particular style embodies enduring sophistication and tranquillity.

"I love to create designs that use beautiful finishes, impeccably crafted furnishings, and luxurious fittings to ensure spaces withstand the test of time. My approach to luxury is subtle, emphasising understated sophistication over extravagance. Our interiors convey luxury through a whisper rather than a shout, aligning seamlessly with Burleigh pottery that showcase exquisite craftsmanship in a refined manner."

2. What’s your top tip when starting a design project?

Even if you are designing your own home use a moodboard to collate and refine your inspiration and design scheme. Every design should have a certain amount of cohesion with something unexpected thrown in to create an uncontrived and timeless design. I love to mix different styles and eras of furniture from antiques to contemporary pieces to build a layered interior.

3. What is it about Burleigh that makes you love it?

The timeless element of the pottery. They are a true design classic.

4. Which is your favourite Burleigh pattern or product?

I am lucky to have two sets - the Blue Regal Peacock and now Green Regal Peacock. I think once you start collecting, it is easy to get hooked.

Sophie Paterson Burleigh Blue Regal Peacock Collection

5. How important is decorating the table when entertaining?

It is my favourite part - it sets the scene for a magical social gathering and shows your guests how special they are.

6. Burleigh launched their ALL MADE HERE campaign that redefines luxury as authenticity, provenance and quality – What defines luxury for you in the home?

"Luxury has to be liveable - I love to use the finest materials and craftsmanship but in a way that is comfortable to live with. I don’t want to be precious about my home. I believe in using our best things every day and truly enjoying their beauty rather than storing them away for a special occasion. Everything has to be practical and not just look beautiful. Burleigh, with its pottery that is dishwasher safe, fits with that approach perfectly."

7. Is British craft an important element to your interiors?

Yes absolutely. We are so fortunate to have a rich history of craftsmanship and it’s important to me as a designer to nurture and preserve that by supporting British craft in my projects.

8. What’s your favourite room in your house and why?

It changes throughout the year- right now I love the cosy womb like feel of our tv room with its dark palette and oversized upholstery. In the summer I love being in our kitchen and family room with all the French doors onto the garden thrown open.

9. What would be your dream project?

A ski chalet - we have just designed our first of hopefully many in St Moritz.

10. What exciting projects do you have coming up?

As well as the chalet we are also working on many homes across London including a vast apartment at the peninsula the brand new hotel and development which is a huge honour. We are also completing several projects in the Gulf.

11. Burleigh has been made by hand in Stoke-on-Trent, England, since 1851. How do you think it fits in to modern day life and/or current trends? Is heritage, authenticity and quality still relevant today?

"Heritage and authenticity are more important than ever. The new generation are rejecting fast fashion and realising that holding onto design classics that you can pass down the generations is the most sustainable form of design."

Sophie Paterson Burleigh Christmas

If you want to learn more about Sophie or her work, head over to her website or give her a follow on Instagram.


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