Setting the Perfect Christmas Table

Preparing the Christmas table and all of its contents is an enjoyable experience that enables you to use your creativity. Whether you prefer an elegant minimalist approach or a striking arrangement with a focus on colour and pattern, this is the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful display and capture that warm Christmas atmosphere.

The Modern Minimalist Table

Use accent pieces to decorate your table and muted colours such as Dove Grey and Blue Felicity to add a subtle sophistication. Create simple place settings using the Dove Grey Calico Dinner Plate topped with your napkin and cutlery. Scatter candles and lightly-coloured florals on your table and serve from key shapes such as the Blue Felicity Rectangular Dish and Blue Felicity Sandwich Tray. For a simple and relaxed exterior, stack your dessert bowls on the table and let your guests help themselves.

The Fusion of Colour Table

For lovers of beautiful colour, mix up your pottery and incorporate shades of Blue Calico and Red Calico. Adorn your table with varied shapes including the Blue Calico Medium Fruit Bowl and Red Calico Cake Plate. To showcase the tonal contrast of these stunning patterns, layer a Red Calico Dinner Plate, Blue Calico Medium Plate and Red Calico Pudding/Soup Bowl at each setting. These vibrant hues also work well with shades of green, allowing you to introduce elements of holly, ferns and foliage.

The Classic Table

For an unmistakably classic and timeless Christmas table, choose our Blue Asiatic Pheasants collection. The soft blue flowers of this pattern will look instantaneously elegant. To lay a traditional setting, use a dinner plate, medium plate and butter plate, as well as arranging your cutlery and glasses. Create a table centrepiece with the Blue Asiatic Pheasants Sauce Tureen & Ladle and ensure a balanced table with equal numbers of candles on each side of the table.

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