Stepping into Spring

Springtime has never felt so good, and we have never been more ready for the glorious sunshine that comes with this new season.

Daffodils have sprung, the aroma of fresh Hot Cross Buns is in the air and we are here with some ‘top tips’ for bringing the outside in this Spring.

We caught up with Holly Dolan, an interior designer & stylist, and founder of Hume Interior Studio to talk about her favorite ways to bring Spring into your home. ‘A simple and achievable way to bring Spring into your home is to refresh your table setting with crisp linens and potted blooms’; read on to hear more from Holly on how she styled the Blue Asiatic Pheasants collection for Spring with her tips for achieving this look at home.

1. Create a cohesive look

  • One simple way to create a cohesive look on a table, is to keep the base elements neutral (tablecloth, glasses) and then add in some different colours and textures with flowers and napkins.
  • Using a linen tablecloth and napkins can elevate your table and creates a fresh look and feel – if you’re dining at home it can give you and your family a luxurious, restaurant feel in the comfort of your own home.
  • If you don’t have a cloth or runner to hand, don’t hesitate to fold pieces of fabric to make a table runner. Once the table is set, no one will notice!

2. Introduce spring like blooms to brighten up your table

  • Gypsophila paired with greenery makes for a beautiful and whimsical Spring theme no matter the weather – I used a combination of eucalyptus and greenery I found in the garden for the fireplace jug and kept white flowers consistent for the table for something a little different, but daffodils and tulips would also look beautiful.

3. Bring the outside in

To make your table look extra special, you can try a DIY floral installation which is very on trend. To create a similar hanging centrepiece to the one in the images is very easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • To create the look, you’ll need: some invisible thread, a painted strip of cardboard to match your ceiling colour, some flowers, scissors, and tape.
  • You start by measuring the drop of the flower from ceiling to table, cutting pieces of string to suit it, and then tying them to your base of the stem of the flower
  • Choose lightweight flowers like dried Gypsophila, daisies, or roses to attach each one to the string at the same length as the others – other flowers or pieces of greenery from the garden would also work
  • You then attach the other end of the string to your piece of cardboard and keep going along until you achieve your desired look of dangling flowers
  • Once you’re happy with it, you can attach the cardboard to the ceiling with double sided frog tape so you can’t see it and so it doesn’t damage any paint work
  • Then you can start building out the rest of your table!

4. Keep a few sprigs of whatever flowers you use for your centerpiece to place on each place setting.

  • Being creative with your table settings and adding an extra touch to your name cards can make it feel really special! I added a small wooden clip to the name card with some flowers – it’s an easy way to show you’ve gone the extra mile
  • I think the mixture of wood and gold on any table gives that rustic feel with just a hint of elegance that is perfect for an afternoon tea with hot cross buns or a spring party. In this case, I used different wooden textures with gold cutlery.

5. Add candles to your table to extend the look of the tablescape from end to end

  • The final element that I added were some simple glass candlestick holders with white taper candles.  I love the casual feel of mismatched candles on the table. These added the last touch of elegance without being too overpowering. If your dining table is near a shelf or fireplace, you can add some candles and blooms to create a matching backdrop to your table which will add even more atmosphere to what you’ve created!

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