Sustainable Gifting this Christmas, with Rosie Louise

We know how easy it is to get wrapped up in all the festivities at this time of year, but before you dash out for several rolls of gift wrap, here’s something to think about.

There are plenty of ways to make gifts look pretty and cut down on waste. You might be thinking, ‘but isn’t paper recyclable’? Unfortunately, most of it isn’t – glitter, synthetic inks and plastic coating can mean gift wrap ends up in landfill instead.

Top tip: you can check whether paper is plastic coated or not by scrunching it. If it stays scrunched, it’s probably fine to recycle, but if it pops back, it’s probably got a plastic coating.

Here, Rosie Louise demonstrates how beautiful eco-friendly wrap can be (just be sure to purchase papers with soluble ink). So grab your favourite Burleigh Mug, cosy up by the fire and lets wrap those Christmas gifts!

For a more sustainable approach to gifting this year, we also recommend gifting something that is homemade. Not only is it more friendly to the environment, it adds a personal touch too. Who wouldn’t want to receive a plate of this gorgeous looking shortbread!

If you would still like a traditional gift for that special someone this Christmas, we have available a beautiful new giftbox for our Burleigh mugs, developed with the environment in mind. Our brand new gift box which allows our products to be gifted more easily whilst also continuing to tell the story of our brand heritage and craftsmanship. Each box is made from corrugated cardboard and is free from any glue or adhesives making it 100% recyclable. Our gift box can be added to the purchase of our half pint mug for just £2.

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