The Great British Summertime

The Great British Summertime has a newfound appreciation, but nothing has ever quite compared to long days spent at the seaside slowly turning into evenings with friends in the cool summer breeze, surrounded by toasted marshmallows and the warm scent of barbecued food and sweet ice cream.

This summer we caught up with Haley of Postcards from London to see what the Great British Summertime means to her and her family, and how she will be spending summertime at home this year.


Haley is an American expat living in London with husband and two children. She spends her days exploring the city and capturing picture perfect moments that are shared on Instagram.

The Great British Summertime has many connotations, and we will all have our own traditions, often navigated by our childhood memories. Here are Haley’s favourite things about British Summertime…

  • Spending time in the garden enjoying an evening tipple and chatting with her husband
  • Cooking on the BBQ and dinning outside
  • Exploring the many charming villages and towns long the British coast
  • Going to various community festivals, enjoying live music and entertainment in the park
  • Sleeping with the window open
  • Getting up early on a Sunday and going to the Columbia Road Flower Market

And of course, no summertime is complete without the addition of beautiful Burleigh Pottery pieces to accentuate your alfresco dining with friends and evenings spent sipping tea in the cool summer air.

Haley says ‘I love that owning a piece of Burleigh Pottery feels like owning a piece of English history. The patterns are classic but feel timeless. Burleigh Pottery easily fits into our everyday life while still making special moments memorable. My tea tastes better when I drink it from a Burleigh tea cup’ 

Create Haley's Summer Inspired look at home and shop our Blue Asiatic Pheasant Collection for alfresco dining, and make it a Summer to remember with Burleigh Pottery wherever you are in the world.

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