The Great Burleigh Archive: Pottery from the Past

This autumn we want to celebrate a slice of our history and give our Burleigh collectors the opportunity to reignite your collections of Burleigh ware with pieces of Burleigh from times gone by.

Blue Calico and Blue Asiatic Pheasants are two of Burleigh’s most iconic patterns, recognised worldwide for their distinctive design and unique application through tissue transfer decoration.

Blue Calico has been written within the Burleigh pattern book since February 1968, with Asiatic Pheasants having huge popularity spanning the last 190 years and each remaining in production today. Both Calico and Asiatic Pheasants have been produced on various pieces of ceramic and each in varying colours, but always imbued with Burleigh’s rich heritage; handcrafted with provenance and authenticity.

Since the early days of production at Middleport Pottery, Burleigh has been dedicated to using traditional skills and techniques to produce our famous ware, the highest-quality raw materials and our dedicated team of craftspeople each create our classic and timeless tableware, just like we did when it all began. But of course, with time comes change. And whilst Burleigh bears a binding commitment to tradition and craftsmanship; demonstrating true charm in each and every piece of ware, many of those pieces of ware have come and gone from our core product range, but each item has been carefully stored in mould form within our archives.

Those who have visited our home of Middleport Pottery, may have visited the mould store where the master moulds are stored within our extensive archive which holds over 15,000 original designs dating back to the founding of the company (and beyond!). Our mould archive is a pivotal record of ceramic manufacture in Staffordshire and whilst many of these classic shapes are celebrated in our current range, they sit retired pieces which may have been for some time.

Burleigh is excited, and proud, to bring to you an exclusive number of products in limited quantity; each reignited from the archives at Burleigh. The last Pottery of our kind in many respects, Burleigh’s mouldmaking process is a highly skilful craft, and a craft that remains at the heart of the Burleigh story. Allow these reignited pieces of tableware to bring quintessential charm to your home, with a little slice of our history too. Allowing the Burleigh story to live on through conversations over your dinner table once again, with our unique craft at the heart of everything we do.

Shop the range of our archive designs in Blue Calico and Blue Asiatic Pheasants, available in limited quantities only.

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