Burleigh's secret to the Perfect Pour

It’s  always good to make time for a cup of tea, especially as it’s National Afternoon Tea Week! This much loved British tradition of a mini meal between lunch and dinner has been around as long as we’ve been drinking tea. 

 Burleigh wants your tea to look as good as it tastes so we hide a little secret in every teapot. 

 Lovingly placed by hand by Steve our teapot caster, it will stop your teapot from dripping and ensure an elegant pour: it’s a little piece of clay in the spout.  It’s called a ‘Grid.’

This clever piece of clay allows the tea to pass through the spout in a much more controlled and evenly distributed way. It also stops your tea clogging up the spout and coming out through the lid and onto your table. It’s a little thing that makes a big Burleigh difference. 

Whether you choose the classic look of the Blue Calico  or something a bit more contemporary like Black Regal Peacock, choose a teapot that is as good on the inside as it is on the outside and make every drop count. 


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