Wedding Place Settings: Place Names, Favours & More

Wedding place settings: Place names, favours and more

If you're planning your dream wedding, then you'll no doubt be thinking about table décor. You and your guests will be spending a large proportion of your special day at these tables, so you'll want to make sure everything looks just right. While your table décor and centrepieces can help create a show-stopping scene, smaller details like your wedding place settings, tableware, place names, and favours can all make a difference.

To help you put your wedding place settings together, we'll share our top tips, including:

Wedding place settings

wedding place settings

You'll want to make sure that everyone will have all the tableware they need for their meal without any interruptions. Each place setting should have dinner plates, side plates, bowls, and cutlery for every course, plus water glasses, wine and champagne glasses, and napkins. This includes a plate for the starter, one for the main, one for the dessert, and a side plate for bread if you'll be serving it. You may also choose to include other decorative pieces such as charger plates, which can add an extra special touch to your place settings.

The venue will usually set the table for you on the day so be sure to speak to them about your preferences. For example, you may want to toast with a cocktail rather than champagne, so they may need to swap the glassware.

Alongside tableware, you'll also need a few extra decorative elements, such as name cards and wedding favours.

Choosing tableware

You may wish to use different tableware than is provided by the venue to get the exact look you want. Feel free to mix and match your dinnerware by combining a few of your own decorative pieces with more pared-back options. Most caterers will supply white ceramics in a variety of styles, as these are the most versatile, but if you'd like something more personal that fits with your wedding colours, theme, and the rest of your wedding table decorations, feel free to let your wedding planner and venue know.

Match the theme

One of the main reasons you may want to include your own tableware in your wedding place settings is to add a more personal touch and ensure your wedding table décor ties together nicely. So, you may want to incorporate a few floral motifs to match your floral centrepieces, or if you're getting married outdoors, to match the surrounding foliage.

You may also want to choose tableware that complements your wedding colours. Our Blue and Pink Asiatic Pheasants and Pale Blue Felicity collections would pair perfectly with pastel spring or summer wedding table décor. For more rustic weddings or for autumn and winter celebrations, darker tableware such as Green Asiatic Pheasants or our Blue, Black or Green Regal Peacock collections can add a sophisticated cosy atmosphere.

Opt for high-quality pieces

High-quality, well-made tableware can add a luxurious touch to your big day, so be sure to look for pieces that are designed to last. Doing this not only makes your wedding place settings feel grander, but if you're buying your tableware for the day, you'll be able to take it home and use it for years to come.

If you're buying in bulk for a wedding, then look out for offers and 'seconds', which are ceramics with slight imperfections. Doing this is a great way to find luxurious tableware for a fraction of the price.

All Burleighware is handmade in Stoke-on-Trent using time honoured techniques passed down through generations. Each one is lovingly adorned with an intricate design using a tissue transfer method of printing. Due to the nature of our crafting process, some pieces come out of the kiln with minor blemishes. We offer these as seconds, which are made to the same high quality as our main range, but with very minor imperfections, which means you can get our usual craftmanship for a lower cost.

Wedding place names

wedding place names ideas

As well as your tableware, you may also want to include name cards and table numbers so each guest can find their seat. This is another opportunity to get creative and match your wedding place settings to the rest of your table décor. For a fully cohesive look, coordinate your table numbers and name cards with the rest of your wedding stationery, such as your save the dates and invitations, or with certain other elements of your table.

Match them to your centrepieces

To give your tables a consistent look, you could tie your name cards in with your floral arrangements by laying out miniature versions of your flowers, complete with name tags attached. If you're going for a more pared-back or bohemian style, you could write your guests' names on leaves instead. Magnolia leaves are particularly good for this, but you could use any kind of foliage that matches your wedding bouquet.

Tie them into your theme

If you're working with a particular theme, consider what kind of place names may work well. Handwritten sea glass can be an effective option for a beach themed wedding, for example, while engraved wooden coasters would make striking place names for a rustic farmhouse wedding.

You can also tie your table numbers into your theme by using names or objects instead. For example, you could name your tables after your favourite films of books. Alternatively, give each table a different colour, such as a pink table, a blue table, and a white table, decorating them with corresponding tableware and décor.

Consider the venue

You may want to consider what is practical for the location of your wedding. For instance, if your wedding will take place outside where a slight breeze may move paper name cards, you could choose a more substantial option such as handwritten plexiglass place names.

If you want to keep your table looking minimalistic, or if you're working with a small space, why not combine some of your place setting decorations? For example, you could stitch everyone's name onto their napkin or print them onto their party favours.

Wedding favour ideas

wedding favour ideas

Wedding favours aren't a necessity but it's often nice to give your guests a little something to remember your wedding day by. This is where you can really get creative and offer guests something entirely personal to you.

Small edible favours never go amiss, with mints, chocolate truffles, biscuits, or macarons being popular options, along with personalised tea bags or miniature bottles of the bride and groom's favourite spirits. If you'd like to gift something a little longer lasting, consider giving out a candle, a bar of soap, or small trinket box, to give your nearest and dearest something to treasure beyond the day.

When choosing your wedding favours, think about your unique personality and interests as a couple. If you love travelling, you could gift personalised luggage tags. If you're both keen gardeners, a small plant or a sachet of wildflower seeds make interesting wedding favour ideas that can add a nice touch to your place settings. Doing this also brings much more meaning to your wedding favours and ensures your guests always have a memory of your day.

Your wedding place settings aren't just a practical part of your reception. With the right tableware, place names, and wedding favours, your place settings can elevate the overall decoration of your table. The ideas above should help give you some inspiration for your big day, but don't be afraid to get creative to achieve a look that's personal to you and your partner.

While you're planning your upcoming nuptials, you might also be thinking about gifts to add to your registry. Our timeless designs and durable craftsmanship make Burleighware the perfect present for a special occasion. All elements are handmade at Middleport Pottery and have been since 1889. Every single piece is something to be treasured, so browse our range of wedding gifts for some inspiration today and read our guide to wedding gifting etiquette for even more advice.

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