When Staying Home is the New Going Out

It’s official, staying in, is the new going out! Whilst we have all settled into our ‘new normal’, we wanted to share some helpful tips to make your time at home that little bit easier.

Our best piece of advice is to try and stay positive, but on the days that seems a little harder, we are here to help lift your spirits. In this time of uncertainty, one thing for sure is that Burleigh Pottery leads the way. The only thing better than serving your cup of tea to warm your soul….is serving it in your Burleigh teacup!

We never really believed in ‘keeping your china for special occasions’. In our eyes, everyday is special, and these unprecedented times are no different.

So, whether you are looking to recreate a dining experience at home, hosting a virtual dinner party with friends, afternoon tea with your mum, or even a Friday night ‘fake-away’…here is our inspiration to get you started.

Burleigh is here for any occasion, and just because we can’t go out to eat at the moment, your meal times needn’t be boring. Embrace the amount of time we have on ours hands, cook that recipe you never got around to trying and elevate the evening by getting out those Burleigh blue hues, or our favourite Black Regal Peacock, and lay your table to make it extra special.

Sunday Brunch for the win!

Sunday’s have always been relaxing – let’s recreate times spent with friends, at home. Set up that conference call and get ready to create that Sunday morning coffee shop feeling, right at home. Now is the time for physical distancing, not social distancing. Choose your vessel of choice, whether it be n Asiatic Pheasants Mug or your favourite teacup, serve it with warm, homemade crumpets, and enjoy.

And of course, our favourite past time, afternoon tea.

Baking is the perfect activity to fill those days spent at home. Whisk up those signature bakes, ready to share over a pot of tea with your loved ones at home. Share your feelings and worries, now is a good time to talk and check in. We know that everyone is feeling the worries of the world at the moment, but we are all in this together.

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