Collection: Burleighware Patterns

Burleighware patterns are admired the world over. Our beautifully intricate floral pottery designs add splendour to any meal or refreshment and are made to be enjoyed for generations to come. With a wide range of ceramic tableware available across collections, you can build the perfect dinner service for your tastes and needs.


Many Burleigh ware designs have already stood the test of time. Asiatic Pheasants was one of the first patterns we ever manufactured, with a history dating back to 1862. Currently available in Pink and Blue, the design looks just as splendid today as it did back then. Blue Arden also has 19th century roots.

Our Eastern-inspired Regal Peacock pattern was admired by Queen Mary in 1913. The design was brought back to life a century later, when our highly skilled engraver spent 1,911 hours re-tracing the original onto a new copper roller. This is used to transfer ink onto tissue paper for many BlackGreen, and Blue Regal Peacock pieces today.

We also offer traditional blue and white floral patterns through our Blue CalicoBlue Arden, and Blue Felicity collections. Ink Blue PalisadePollen, and Hibiscus provide a more modern interpretation of this much-loved dinnerware trend.

You can also find exciting contemporary designs through our collaborations with Ralph LaurenSoho House, and Highgrove.

All Burleigh ware pottery designs are carefully applied, fired, and glazed to ensure longevity. Items that don't meet our exacting standards are recycled or sold through the outlet. Explore our collections now and order with UK or international delivery. To learn more about our patterns and processes, visit the Middleport Pottery for a factory tour.