Blue Asiatic Pheasants

Hailed as a timeless Burleigh classic, our Blue Asiatic Pheasants collection launched in 1862 and has been cherished by pottery lovers ever since. The intricate soft blue flowers of this quintessential design bring elegance and refinement to the table.

For a more romantic interpretation of this classic pattern, see our Pink Asiatic Pheasants collection. 


42 results
Blue Asiatic Pheasants Medium Tankard Jug
Blue Asiatic Pheasants Mini Footed Bowl 12cm/5"
Blue Asiatic Pheasants Mini Mug
Blue Asiatic Pheasants Mini Teapot Tray
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Blue Asiatic Pheasants Mug Half Pint 284ml/0.5pt
Blue Asiatic Pheasants Mug 375ml/0.66pt
Blue Asiatic Pheasants Plate 22cm/8.75"
Blue Asiatic Pheasants Rectangular Dish 34cm/13.5"
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Blue Asiatic Pheasants Rectangular Platter 25cm/10"
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Blue Asiatic Pheasants Sandringham Mug Half Pint 284ml/0.5pt
Blue Asiatic Pheasants Rectangular Tray 28cm/11"
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Blue Asiatic Pheasants Small Etruscan Jug

42 results

Asiatic Pheasants is an intricate oriental-style pattern that has graced homes for over a century, with the light blue iteration proving particularly popular. As well as making every meal or tea break extra special, this pottery looks spectacular on display.

You can curate a functional and stunning dinner service with the pieces from this collection. As well as essentials for a matching table setting, such as Blue Asiatic Pheasants plates, you'll find serveware like teapots and tureens - sure to impress at your next get-together.

All items are handcrafted from fine earthenware clay at the Middleport Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, the heartland of English ceramics. They are also decorated by hand, with our time-honoured tissue-printing technique allowing our artisans to achieve unrivalled results on complex shapes.

Order Burleigh Blue Asiatic Pheasants pottery online today with UK or international delivery. You may also be interested in our Blue Asiatic Pheasants seconds, which have been discounted due to slight cosmetic imperfections, as well as some of our other blue and white collections such as Blue FelicityBlue CalicoBlue Arden, and Blue Regal Peacock.

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