Blue Felicity

Reminiscent of the delicate spray of elderflowers, Blue Felicity brings the beauty of the British countryside to the dinner table. While perfect for special occasions, these pieces are durable and practical enough for everyday use, allowing you to enjoy a little bit of luxury with every meal. 


31 results
Pasta Bowl - Blue Felicity Pasta Bowl 23cm/9"
Pudding/Soup Bowl - Blue Felicity Pudding / Soup Bowl 20.5cm/8"
Plate - Blue Felicity Plate 26.5cm/10.5"
Plate - Blue Felicity Plate 21.5cm/8.5"
Cereal Bowl - Blue Felicity Cereal Bowl 16cm/6.25"
Plate - Blue Felicity Plate 19cm/7.5"
Blue Felicity Cow Creamer 150ml/0.25pt Gift Boxed

31 results

Like all of our tableware, Burleigh Blue Felicity ceramics are handmade at the Middleport Pottery in Staffordshire, England. We use a unique blend of fine earthenware clay to give our pieces a luxurious weight and feel, as well as durability. They are even safe to use in the dishwasher.

Our pottery is also hand-decorated, with many Blue Felicity pieces showcasing the unique beauty of tissue-transfer printing. This involves applying the pattern to tissue paper with a copper roller and ink, then carefully placing the paper onto the item. A final glazing and firing ensure that the delicate design can last for generations to come.

While the nature of our tissue-printing process makes every item unique, we maintain exacting standards. Any Burleigh Felicity pieces with slight cosmetic imperfections are discounted and sold as Blue Felicity seconds, while those with more significant flaws are recycled.

Shop the Burleigh Blue Felicity collection online now. We offer UK and international delivery, and our items are beautifully packaged so that they can be proudly gifted. For more inspiration, you might like to explore the blue and white dinnerware in our Blue Asiatic Pheasants, Blue Calico, Blue Arden, and Blue Regal Peacock ranges.

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