Blue Regal Peacock

Regal by name and regal by nature, the exquisite Blue Regal Peacock collection from Burleigh caught the eye of Queen Mary when it launched in 1913 and has been turning heads ever since. The striking oriental bird motifs and rich blue shades bring a majestic charm to every occasion. Each piece is handmade in England for an unrivalled quality and finish that Burleigh is renowned for.

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Etruscan Jug - Blue Regal Peacock Small Etruscan Jug
Soup Tureen & Ladle - Blue Regal Peacock Soup Tureen & Ladle
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Sugar Bowl - Blue Regal Peacock Sugar Bowl 12cm/4.75"
Tankard Jug - Blue Regal Peacock Tankard Medium Jug 568ml/1pt
Tea Saucer - Blue Regal Peacock Tea Saucer
Teacup - Blue Regal Peacock Teacup 187ml/0.33pt
Blue Regal Peacock Teacup And Saucer
Blue Regal Peacock Teacup Gift Set
Teapot - Blue Regal Peacock Teapot 5 Cup

33 results

Burleigh Regal Peacock pottery is crafted and decorated in much the same way it was over 100 years ago. For complex shapes, we still invest the time into tissue printing: inked copper rollers, which take 1,911 hours each to hand-engrave, print the intricate design to tissue paper, which is then applied to the ceramics by hand. This delivers an unrivalled finish and ensures every piece is totally unique.

After decorating, items are given a final glazing and firing, which gives a high shine and durability. It also makes these pieces completely dishwasher and microwave safe.

You'll find everything you need to set your dinner table, including Regal Peacock dinner plates, side plates, pasta bowls, and cereal bowls. We also craft traditional tea time pieces such as teacups, teapots, and two- and three-tier cake stands in this stylish print, so you can make your afternoon tea extra special.

This Blue Regal Peacock pattern looks lovely on its own, but sits wonderfully alongside Black Regal Peacock ceramics for a uniquely stylish look. Browse the range today and buy online with UK or international delivery.

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