3 Alfresco Dining Tips with Rebecca Lovatt

Burleigh Pottery is a hidden gem, in the heart of the Potteries, Stoke on Trent. And we love nothing more than hearing from our admirers all around the world, especially when they have a long connected history with our brand and our surrounding areas.

This summer our paths crossed with Rebecca Lovatt of @myenglilshcountrycottage, and we enjoyed conversing about our mutual love for Burleigh products, as well as remembering how her husband’s Grandmother was one of the first female pottery factory owners in Stoke-on Trent, hence their strong connection with the history of the Potteries and a deep rooted admiration for pottery.

Speaking fondly of Burleigh, Rebecca says; ‘Burleigh has outlasted so many wonderful pottery companies, 170 years is such an incredible achievement but when one owns a piece of Burleigh history it is easy to see why they have been so successful. Not only are their designs iconic (I defy anyone not to spot Asiatic Pheasants instantly!) but the quality is unbelievably reassuring.

This is a quintessential British brand that has made tables beautiful for nearly two centuries. Their designs work for an eggy breakfast with a strong cup of coffee to a casual lunch with friends followed by a cup of tea and a slice of cake all the way through to an elegant supper table filled with candles and sparkling silver. That is why I love Burleigh. You are buying a piece of history that fits right into our modern world and feels and looks beautiful.’

Rebecca is an Interiors & Country Lifestyle blogger for Cottagecore Period Living, and this summer she shared her top 3 tips for Alfresco dining!

Comfort - I love sitting around our table outside chatting and laughing long into night, watching the sun go down and listening to the birds going to bed. With our sometimes less than cooperative weather is it important to provide cushions and blankets to ensure that everyone remains warm and comfortable!

Senses - it really helps to think about all the senses when creating a magical tablescape. Food is obviously the star of the show but also think about our other senses. Visually think about layering with different textures - a lace tablecloth, linen napkins, wicker placemats, silver cutlery, sparkling glass and beautiful plates.

Think about the smell - a mix of beautiful candles creates a gorgeous welcoming light as well as relaxing scents (and keeps midges at bay). Consider what the guest will see when they first arrive - fresh flowers make an immediate impact, they add colour and smell and bring a sense of riotous joy to the table. Lanterns hung in trees and fairy and festoon lights immediately give a magical feel to the scene - as well as providing light when the sun sets. I prefer a quiet evening with just the sound of birdsong (and pheasant squawks) but the gentle waft of summery jazz can be wonderfully evocative.

Effort - the more effort that you put into creating a beautiful environment the more you will be rewarded with a happy and relaxed evening. Guests should feel welcomed and looked after, that you have tried to think of everything that they might need. There is something about a beautiful table lit with candles, sparkling with glass, silver, beautiful plates and filled with fresh flowers that puts everyone at ease and sets the stage for an evening of relaxation, laughter and happy memories.

Use Rebecca’s top tips to create the ultimate Alfresco dining experience this summer, complete with our Blue Asiatic Pheasants collection.

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