Afternoon Tea Week, 2020

A cup of tea is always a good idea, and this August there is no exception to that rule since it is National Afternoon Tea week!

We all know the real secret to the perfect cup of tea is to pair it with something sweet! Whether it is a slither of Victoria Sponge or something rich and chocolatey, served on Burleigh Pottery is always the answer.

We have a range of cake stands and side plates to allow you to serve up the perfect Afternoon Tea at home.

If you are serving your Afternoon Tea on the classic Blue Calico, we think a freshly baked scone would work perfectly. Light and simple, served with a delicious strawberry jam to really accentuate those blue hues. We’ll leave you to decide whether the cream or jam goes on first.

If you have something a little more feminine like Pink Asiatic Pheasants, a fondant fancy will work perfectly with the sugary, pastel shades complimenting the pink design. 

 If your sweet tooth is craving something chocolatey, our Dark Blue Felicity is the perfect match! Bringing a little piece of British countryside to the dinner table and making it perfect for such an occasion, the white centre of this design also shows off the rich deliciousness of your home baked goods.

Whether you choose the classic look of the Blue Calico  or something a little more contemporary like Black Regal Peacock, enjoy Afternoon Tea week from 10th – 16th August.

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