Autumn in the Factory Shop

Like golden autumn leaves on the trees, our ware undergoes a process that takes time to ultimately create something beautiful. Creating a table setting that brings through the warmth of Summer has never been easier using the natural rich colours that Autumn provides. Our new display in the Factory Shop is a celebration of all things natural. From the wheat used for the striking centrepiece to the clay our ware is made from; it shows how something natural and pure can be turned into a thing of beauty.

Our Factory Shop Manager, Jemma Baskeyfield was inspired by Mother Nature herself. Jemma’s vision for the Factory shop is to take it through the different seasons. The Calico cube started with summer that saw celebrations of 50 years of one of our most iconic patterns, Calico in bright limited edition colours.
Now that the leaves on our cube are starting to golden, the Factory Shop is preparing for Autumn, a season that brings afternoon rambles, candy apples and fireworks. To bring the spirit of Autumn to the table Jemma has used crab apples and acorns to add a pop of colour and accessorized with pumpkins and pheasant feathers to add a touch of English countryside charm.

This season’s theme incorporates the rich autumnal colours with the intricate Pheasant motif of our ware to create a homely yet elegant table setting to suit any dining occasion. These rich colours and gold accents will create a warm atmosphere to keep you cosy through the colder months.

Exclusive to our Factory Shop, this Autumn inspired table setting is dressed with Green Asiatic Pheasants. A contemporary twist on a beloved Burleigh classic.

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