Baby Showers with Burleigh

Bringing new life into the world deserves to be celebrated and we are delighted that gatherings such as Baby Showers are now firmly back on the agenda. This summer we have collaborated with Kristina Miller to bring to you the top tips for planning such event, beautifully styled using our Blue and Pink Asiatic Pheasants collection.

Kristina has a background in event planning and discovered a passion for creating tablescapes that capture her aesthetic. She is nostalgic for the grandeur of the 80s, a true ‘matchimalist’, and loves everything that is blue and white – in fact, Kristina confessed that she has never met a chintz she didn’t like!

‘I first discovered Burleigh Pottery on Pinterest when I was planning my bridal registry about seven years ago. I absolutely fell in love with the whimsical yet classic nature of the Blue Asiatic Pheasant pattern and have used this as my everyday china for years! I really appreciate the history and tradition behind Burleigh particularly how it evokes an English country cottage lifestyle that I strive for in my daily aesthetic. It’s no wonder that it has remained timeless for so many years, the quality is unmatched! I also love that you can seamlessly mix and match anything in the entire collection.’

Here Kristina shares her tips for creating the perfect baby shower this summer, to help you celebrate in style and welcome a new, beautiful bundle of joy into the world. 


  • I love to create a theme that the mother-to-be will connect to. If she loves cats, maybe that is the motif on the invitation or if she loves drinking tea, host a tea party! Themes don’t always have to be so literal though. I try to keep my events feeling as elegant and timeless as possible. 
  • Invest in your tablescape! Whether you use beautiful linens or pretty crockery, this is how you can make an event feel really special. 
  • Florals do not need to break the bank! I did these arrangements myself with grocery store flowers. You can always enlist friends and family to help out! Just make sure you give basic guidelines so you have some consistency with your arrangements. 
  • When ordering the invitations, order a set of coordinating thank you cards for the mama-to-be to gift at the shower. Bonus points for having the envelopes pre-addressed and stamped! 
  • Always hire a photographer or designate a guest to photograph the event. These are memories you will want to look back on and this can be another great gifting opportunity if you want to create a photo album to gift when baby is born! 
  • I love to have an activity that the guests can participate in at the shower that will create a wonderful keepsake. For example, every guest can sign a fabric square with a message to baby that is then sewn into a quilt for the nursery! (Etsy is a great resource for this)

Finally, we asked Kristina what made the perfect event for her, ‘I will always appreciate the little details when planning an event, whether it’s a signature cocktail or a sweet party favor or something as simply as tying a pretty vintage ribbon around napkins. I think this is where you can really find the magic in making your event unique. However, at the end of the day (especially after this year) it’s really about the people you’re with and focusing on why you’re celebrating! It can be so easy to get caught up in the minutiae (guilty as charged) but if you can let loose, have fun and enjoy the company you’re with, that’s what it’s really all about!’]


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