Bringing the Outdoors In

Not only do plants help to invigorate any space, they also work to remove any chemicals and toxins from the air. Their hopeful colour is a refreshing sight to see and can easily add to your interior style.

We particularly like this look styled with our muted Dove Grey collection, with its subtle and sophisticated tone of oyster grey. The striking shades and textures of the flowers and plants are a contrast to the minimal style and pattern of Dove Grey. An eye-catching arrangement, you can style your greenery in bowls, teapots, teacups, mugs and jugs – there aren’t any rules! Using different shapes to plant your foliage in can provide a point of difference to your decor, and enable you to vary the size and height of each piece.

Although frequently found on windowsills and bookcases, they can also be arranged in bedrooms to improve the air quality and add freshness to the room as well as the bathroom to brighten and introduce colour. From succulents to ferns, introducing different plant types into your home gives an instant update.

A trend inspired by home designs of the 1960’s and 70’s, bringing the outdoors into your home is an ideal way to bring light into darkened rooms and create a calming atmosphere.

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