How To Celebrate Easter with Collection One

While it may bring back childhood memories of eating too much chocolate before breakfast, for many of us, Easter nowadays is about catching up with family and friends, spending some relaxed, quality time together. Here are our suggestions of how to spend your upcoming Easter weekend, with Collection One.

Easter Brunch with Friends

Nothing says Bank Holiday like a lazy morning brunch. Enjoy all your favourite breakfast treats with the ones you love, like homemade Eggs Benedict, freshly squeezed orange juice and lots of caffeine. Our Ink Blue Hibiscus pattern is perfect to add a bold and beautiful feel to everyday casual dining.

Easter Lunch Food Prep with Family

Get the whole family involved with Easter lunch food prep to make it more fun. Choose slow, comforting, easy recipes and seasonal vegetables to enjoy tasty home-cooked food that'll fill you with warmth and joy. Serving on our Ink Blue Pollen collection adds to the excitement and makes great conversation. Added by hand; spot the different bees, all placed individually to the pottery.

Fun Easter Treats

Have you ever tried making your own chocolate eggs? If you’re short on time (or patience) you can buy shop-bought Easter Eggs and wrap them beautifully in fabric for a personal touch, and gift to a friend. Enjoy watching them opening their gifts over pastries and coffee. Using our Ink Blue Palisade collection will give an extra touch of elegance and sophistication to catch-ups.

Easter Crafting Inspiration

Get creative in the lead-up to Easter, whether that’s making hot cross buns or decorating your own eggs. A fun and simple way to add colour to your Easter table is mixing pieces from Collection One or making these handmade floral creations. For the latter, all you’ll need is a handful of eggs, some flowers and leaves collected from your garden, PVA and a small brush; not forgetting some newspaper or a cloth to protect the surface you’re working on.

To prepare the eggs, you can either boil for 12 minutes and allow to cool, or make needle holes in the top and bottom to blow the egg out first. This can then be used to make scrambled egg, omelette or Easter baking. It’s best to coat the egg with PVA two or three times before adding any flora, allowing time in-between for drying. Give one final coat of PVA all over to protect the egg once you’ve finished decorating.

A fun activity for both kids and adults; keep energy levels topped up with tea or hot chocolate in a Collection One mug.

The Story Behind Collection One

Representing the past, present and future of Burleigh, ‘Palisade’ is inspired by plant cell structures and flower anatomy, ‘Pollen’ shows the industrious bee that pollenates from flower to flower, and ‘Hibiscus’ features flowers in full bloom; all telling the story of a floral lifecycle.

Designed to be combined, layered and curated; we added to the family of signature Burleigh blues, so each piece of Collection One is decorated in new ‘Ink Blue’; a rich dark hue created to exemplify the virtues of tissue transfer.

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